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VDOT Coach

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Thousands of coaches worldwide use Dr. Jack Daniels’ proven training methods outlined in Daniels’ Running Formula to help manage their athlete's training. Now, Dr. Daniels and The Run SMART Project have created an app to help them do it online.

The app determines each athlete’s VDOT, training paces and allows coaches to sort training data and group their athletes into appropriate training groups. Sign up and start inviting your athletes. From there, start adding races and workouts to your athlete’s calendars and begin managing their training.

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VDOT O2 Coaching App Features

  • Ability to quickly track each athlete’s weekly mileage
  • Ability to upload custom workouts to your entire team in minutes
  • Ability to leave notes on individual athletes' calendars
  • Ability to update training paces based on recent race results
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"At the level I'm coaching, where even just a few seconds can be make or break, being "close enough" with how I prescribe training doesn't cut it. Better coaching means accurate information dispersed to my athletes. Since we started organizing our training through VDOT, streamlining so many processes has saved us time and eliminated any questioning I would do about properly prescribing training paces and volumes. I'm looking forward to seeing this app evolve because it's a major part of our system now."

"The VDOT system helps me individualize the training for each of our runners and also gives us a great indicator of how fast they’re capable of racing based on their fitness levels. The VDOT is the cornerstone of our training program."

"Utilizing VDOT Coach takes the guess work out of pacing for coaches and athletes, especially when coaching large training groups. It gives me the ability to customize training plans for a variety of levels from the couch potato turned endurance athlete to the Boston qualifier."

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