Half Marathon Training Plan

Training Plan
12 weeks
All Levels


This 12 week training plan is designed to help you reach your full potential in the Half Marathon. All running workouts in this plan are based on templates created by Dr. Jack Daniels, named “World’s Best Running Coach” by Runner’s World Mag. After a V.O2 Coach reviews your training and racing history they will choose the best template and then personalize the workouts/training paces leading up to your goal race. Workouts will include appropriate time spent at each VDOT training pace (Easy, Threshold, Interval, Repetition, etc.) to maximize your potential in the Half Marathon. This plan is also customized based on your preferred running days of the week and days off.

Individualized Training Plan

  • Customizable for athletes of all levels
  • No minimum miles or km per week
  • Tailored after coach review of your training history

“Best decision I made all year. This app and the accompanying program has taken my game to the next level…I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a push, will benefit from structured workouts, and is open to learning more about training routines.”

— Bebe Wolf Boy

“I love VDOT. It has improved my running and enjoyment of running hugely.”

— Linda

Sample Week

Example plan for an athlete running 40 miles per week. These plans can be tailored for training plans in miles or kilometers.

Supported Apps and Devices

Training available on Android and iOS.

4.9 • 2.4K Ratings

Sync data from popular fitness devices and apps

Half Marathon - 12 weeks


What's next?

  • Submit your training/racing history
  • A certified coach will then review and customize your plan
  • Get notified when your plan is uploaded to your V.O2 calendar
  • Start training!

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