Making the world faster one runner at a time

Making the world faster one runner at a time

Olympic Pedigree

V.O2 was built from the foundation of a scientifically-validated training methodology. Based on former Olympian, author, and legendary running coach Jack Daniels’ exercise science principles, the methodology not only benefits runners of all ages and abilities when it comes to improving their running fitness but it also serves as the best measure of running economy across a variety of runners and events, making it an ideal way to compare performances. High-school, college, Olympic and non-elite runners have all trained, ran, and succeeded with the VDOT methodology.

Intelligent Training

With a focus on training over tracking and coaching over running, VDOT offers access to the highest quality, Olympic-style training for runners of all levels—right from any mobile device. Designed to help runners train correctly and more intelligently, VDOT elicits maximum benefit while reducing the required effort. These high-quality workouts promote healthy, responsible, and beneficial sessions while simultaneously preventing overtraining.

Truly Personalized

Unlike most running apps, VDOT knows you. It understands the type of runner you are, what you’re training for, and how to maximize your efforts. It also gives you more control over your training, leveraging your feedback to deliver real-time data which fine tunes your training and leads to continuous progression. With fully automated, truly personalized and highly-adaptive training, VDOT helps you achieve measurable improvement — all in an effort to make you the best runner you can be.

Designed To Run

Training is hard enough. Runners need an app that works with them, not against them. With a full calendar of workouts, integrations with your favorite GPS watch, and the flexibility to fit your ever-changing schedule, VDOT delivers clear and comprehensive training plans that remove the guesswork and get you on the run quicker.

Performance Driven

Sometimes running is more than just running. Sometimes it’s about challenging yourself, advancing your perceived limits and proving to yourself what you’re capable of. It’s asking the question how good can I get? —and then getting that good. It's beating your best, and then returning to do it again. But this won’t have to be a solo journey because VDOT helps you maximize your potential and take your running to the next level.