A Scientific Approach to Becoming a Faster Runner

An easy-to-use training app for runners & coaches. Sponsored and based on the research of Dr. Jack Daniels - named "The World's Best Running Coach" by Runner's World.

For Runners

Easily Create, Manage and Track Your Workouts

  • Create workouts, log and track your fitness improvements.
  • Custom training paces AUTOMATICALLY generated based on your current fitness level and workout type.
  • Import GPS data, compatible with Strava and Garmin Connect.
  • Compete globally in VDOT Challenge Virtual Racing Series.
  • Find a Coach to help you become a faster runner.
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For Coaches

Easily Manage & Track Your Athletes Training

  • Easily track each athlete's weekly mileage
  • Upload custom workouts to your entire team in minutes!
  • Leave notes on individual athletes' calendars.
  • Quickly update training paces based on recent race results.
  • Only $20 a month to manage up to 100 athletes!

For Everyone

Calculate Paces for Races, Training Runs & More

  • The official VDOT Running Calculator by Dr. Jack Daniels and The Run SMART Project
  • Calculate pace, time or distance
  • Calculate equivalent race performances and training paces, including the effect of temperature and altitude
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Log your runs, check your workout or give your athletes notes any time, any place.

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