VDOT Challenge

Virtual Racing Series

Times have changed but our competitive fire and desire to self-improve still burns bright. We're introducing a new way to race the global running community using VDOT O2.

The VDOT Challenge is a virtual racing series occurring every two weeks in 3-day blocks (Friday, Saturday, Sunday); results are posted on a Monday following each Challenge.

When using VDOT we're all in the same race regardless of the distance you choose to run.

Check last challenge results:
VDOT Challenge 27
Dates: April 2-4
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VDOT Challenge 26
Dates: March 19-21
VDOT Challenge 25
Dates: March 5-7
VDOT Challenge 24
Dates: February 19-21
VDOT Challenge 23
Dates: February 5-7
VDOT Challenge 22
Dates: January 22-24
VDOT Challenge 21
Dates: January 8-10
VDOT Challenge 20
Dates: December 25-27
VDOT Challenge 19
sponsored by Pwure
Dates: December 11-13
VDOT Challenge 18
sponsored by Previnex
Dates: November 27-29
VDOT Challenge 17
Dates: November 13-15
VDOT Challenge 16
Dates: October 30, 31, November 1
VDOT Challenge 15
Dates: October 16-18
VDOT Challenge 14
Dates: October 2-4
VDOT Challenge 13
Dates: September 18-20
VDOT Challenge 12
Dates: September 4-6
VDOT Challenge 11
Dates: August 21-23
VDOT Challenge 10
Dates: August 7-9
VDOT Challenge 9
Dates: July 24-26
VDOT Challenge 8
Dates: July 10-12
VDOT Challenge 7
Dates: June 26-28
VDOT Challenge 6
sponsored by Elevate Performance Group
Dates: June 12-14
VDOT Challenge 5
sponsored by Bespoke Physical Therapy
Dates: May 29-31
VDOT Challenge 4
sponsored by Maurten
Dates: May 15-17
VDOT Challenge 3
sponsored by Citius Mag
Dates: May 1-3
VDOT Challenge 2
sponsored by Run Flagstaff
Dates: April 17-19
VDOT Challenge 1
sponsored by Brooklyn Running Co.
Dates: April 3-5
Next up:
VDOT Challenge 28
Dates: April 16-18
VDOT Challenge 29
Dates: April 30, May 1, 2

You have opted-in to participate in VDOT Challenges.

Challenges are optional and you can always opt-out under Preferences

How it Works

  • Log in or set up a VDOT O2 account
  • Click Enter VDOT Challenges
  • Save your race result to your calendar on designated race weekends
  • Race results are published on Monday
  • Prizes available from our race sponsors


  • Results are ranked by VDOT score across all distances 1mi or longer
  • Results must have GPS data synced via Garmin or Strava
  • Results must be saved to your calendar by Sunday at 11:59pm PST
  • Race courses with a negative net elevation loss > 1% will be disqualified
  • Always adhere to VDOT Challenge rules and guidelines and virtual race best practices.