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Tour de Summer, Stage 3

Distance: Half Marathon
Date: August 1
Beneficiary: Bench in honor of Jessy Scarpone

Free Entry


The Dashing Whippets Running Team is putting on a series of races — or stages — for you to compete against one another every other weekend throughout the summer. We’re calling it the Tour de Summer. For Stage 3, steady wins the race: the person who runs the most even pace will win the stage! The series is free, but you can optionally donate to a bench in Jessy Scarpone's honor. We will pool 100% of the donations made for this race and donate it to the GoFundMe for Jessy's bench.



How it Works

  • Log in or set up a V.O2 account
  • Save your race result with GPS data synced to your calendar on August 1
  • Race courses with a negative net elevation loss > 1% will be disqualified
  • Official race results are published on the following day
  • Always adhere to V.O2's Rules & Guidelines and virtual race best practices.
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