Summer Training Program (STP) Training Plan

Training Plan
8 weeks


A training program designed and custom tailored to meet your needs, whatever they are. The group meets in Central Park every Tuesday at 6:30 PM for a workout to improve your running form and speed. The Summer Training Program (STP) is 8 weeks and runs July 9 through August 27. We make it easy too: the weekly Tuesday workout will be customized according to your pace and will download to any Garmin, Coros, or Apple watch. If, in addition to the Tuesday workout, you would like a complete individualized training calendar, including rest days and strength workouts, please register on the site for "EXTRA."

Minimum Requirements



1 in-person session per week

Amy Sitar Vdot Certified Coach
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Amy Sitar

For 14 years I've helped runners of all levels achieve their goals. I coach and live in Brooklyn and, well, here, on the internet.

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Supported Apps and Devices

Training available on Android and iOS.

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Summer Training Program (STP) - 8 weeks


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