*EXTRA* Fall Training Program (FTP) with full custom training calendar Training Plan

Training Plan
8 weeks


If you would like, in addition to the weekly workout, a full custom training calendar designed for you to meet your needs, EXTRA is for you. You will receive a full training calendar complete with rest days and, if you like, strength training. All workouts will download to your Garmin, Coros, or Apple Watch and be uploaded for coach review.


1 email per week, 1 in-person session per week

Amy Sitar Vdot Certified Coach
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Amy Sitar

For 14 years I've helped runners of all levels achieve their goals. I coach and live in Brooklyn and, well, here, on the internet.

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Supported Apps and Devices

Training available on Android and iOS.

4.9 • 2.4K Ratings

Sync data from popular fitness devices and apps

*EXTRA* Fall Training Program (FTP) with full custom training calendar - 8 weeks


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