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The Virtual Yodogawa Ecomarathon Full

Distance: Marathon
Date: March 20
Beneficiary: We Run in Cambodia



This is a race actually taking place at Yodogawa in Osaka/Japan. You can take part virtually, and compare yourself with the performance of the Japanese runners on the road. The in-person race has 10-year age-groups, the virtual event will provide a VDOT score based on your age and time. We are thinking to provide for virtual socializing between Japanese and foreign runners as well, depending on availability. The results of the virtual race will be published on the next day, depending on when we get complete input by the participants. You can run before the actual date and file on the day and still be counted. Virtual participants can change to in-person by donating the difference in the application fee. Deadlines may apply. Here is a video of our last event:


How it Works

  • Log in or set up a VDOT O2 account
  • Save your race result with GPS data synced to your calendar on March 20
  • Race courses with a negative net elevation loss > 1% will be disqualified
  • Official race results are published on the following day
  • Always adhere to VDOT O2's Rules & Guidelines and virtual race best practices.

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