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Chad Miyamoto Memorial 5k "Sprint"

Distance: 5K
Date: November 2



6x "Hawaii Fastest Human," Chad Miyamoto passed away on September 17, 2020 from an inoperable and aggressive brain tumor. Proceeds from this event will be donated to Chad's family to help with care and medical expenses incurred. Your 5k result is to be downloaded on November 2, 2020 (Monday). If you are doing the race on another date besides Nov. 2, follow these directions to be included in the results: 1. Move the 5k virtual race activity to the day on your VDOT calendar to the day you will be doing it. 2. Record and sync GPS to that activity. 3. Move that race activity back to Nov. 2 on your VDOT calendar. There are no awards or prizes. Participation in this event is to honor and remember Chad and to help his family with expenses. The entry fee of $10.95 reflects his 100m time of 10.95 seconds. Chad was a an educator at Soto Academy and a mentor/coach in track and cross country to many of Hawaii's youths throughout the years. In honor of Chad's track specialty (sprints), this 5k will be unique in that you can pause and un-pause your GPS watch as many times as you want within a 90 minute window until you reach the 5k (3.1 miles) distance. In other words, your time will only record the actual time you are running and not record rests, but you must complete 5k within 90 minutes. You will only start your watch during the time you are running. For example, you can sprint a 100m at a time on your run segments. If you prefer to just run or walk a 5k, that is fine too!

How it Works

  • Log in or set up a VDOT O2 account
  • Save your race result with GPS data synced to your calendar on November 2
  • Race courses with a negative net elevation loss > 1% will be disqualified
  • Official race results are published on the following day
  • Always adhere to VDOT O2's Rules & Guidelines and virtual race best practices.
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