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Jack Daniels' Elite Marathon - 18 weeks

Designed by coach Dr. Jack Daniels specifically for competitive athletes training at a very high level. Quality sessions are very long and challenging.


Minimum Requirements

Only available for runners who have run sub-2:29/1:10 (men) and sub-3:00/1:25 (women) in the marathon and/or half marathon.
Minimum of 65 miles per week (mpw).

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  • Get notified when plan is uploaded to your VDOT O2 calendar (PDF copy included)
  • Start training!

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I used your plan to train for a 3:20 but ended up running a 3:09!! I thought my PR days were over! I can't tell you how shocked and elate I am. It was the greatest race of my life. Honestly, it felt like flying throughout most of the race."

- Rusty

9 min PR!!!!! Than you @runsmartproject, I can't imagine getting here without the guidance of my training plan!"

- Linda